Hall Bed

Hall Bed

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A touch of texture adds depth to streamlined design. As exotic sucupira takes on a rich cocoa tone, channel detailing lends modern intrigue to a high-style headboard. Wishbone-shaped legs of polished stainless steel add a fresh accent.

Product information: King
Overall Dimensions: 83.75"w x 90.25"d x 46.00"h
Colors: Coco, Corrugated Coco, Brushed Cast Aluminium
Materials: Sucupira, Corrugated Sucupira, Stainless Steel
Weight: 670.38 lb Volume: 36.73 cu ft

Product information: Queen
Overall Dimensions: 68.00"w x 90.25"d x 46.50"h
Colors: Polished Stainless Steel, Corrugated Coco, Coco
Materials: Stainless Steel, Corrugated Sucupira, Sucupira
Weight: 308.65 lb Volume: 32.84 cu ft

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